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July 2013



What I’m Reading – July 31 2013

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So much internet to read and so little time.

– Well-done article on an issue that doesn’t get a lot of coverage: Not Everyone Who Has an Abortion Is a Woman – How to Frame the Abortion Rights Issue

– Ezra Klein posts sometimes give me pause, but this one gets at a great point about gender, sexism and privilege in the financial sector: Funny how gender never came up during Bernanke’s nomination. Or Greenspan’s. Or Volcker’s.

– Finally, because it’s just exhausting and depressing, here’s an infographic on student loans in the U.S. My household has more student loan debt than the average, and it has definitely impacted decisions about buying a home, about staying in jobs that may not be ideal, and about retirement planning. Plus, this headline is fantastic: I’ll Puke If One More Politician Swears The Children Are The Future, And This Infographic Is Why


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