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July 2013



What I’m Reading – July 30 2013

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Today was a weird day. Spent about an hour at the courthouse to file the papers and then appear before a judge so my husband and I could change our names to a brand new last name. But in the meantime I’ve been reading these articles:

– More on the Russia anti-gay law: Russian lawmaker: We will arrest gay athletes, tourists at Olympic Games

– If you don’t spend time on Twitter this probably isn’t even on your radar, but it’s an interesting issue: Abuse of the Abuse Button

– Have you been watching Orange Is The New Black? Because it’s amazing. This piece by Laverne Cox (an actress on the show) is great too: Black, LGBT, American: Laverne Cox

– Oh Tim Allen. Home Improvement is no longer the worst thing you’ve done: Tim Allen’s N Word Explanation is So Wrong It’s Funny

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