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July 2013



What I’m Reading – July 29 2013

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Long one today, since it includes everything that popped up over the weekend. Content note: below are articles on racism, activism, homophobia, feminism, food, and labor.

– This is from a couple of weeks ago – more on Trayvon Martin: The US v. Trayvon Martin

– Iceland taking a stand: Iceland to cut ties with Russia over ‘gay propaganda’ law

– Arizona, you’re doing it wrong: Dept. Of Education Plans To Investigate Arizona High School’s ‘Redneck Day’

– Good article on the ‘report abuse button’ Twitter issue and how it is definitely NOT the way to go: Feminists boycotting Twitter is not the way to end trolling

– Interesting take on the food debate: America’s food debates are just white men talking

– Living While Black: Anecdotes about Dealing with Police

– Why are we doing this to people earning minimum wage? Paid via Card, Workers Feel Sting of Fees

– Yeah, the headline kind of says it all: Sunday Bloody NYT Sunday, Maureen Dowd Is Eternally Terrible Edition

– Fantastic article on feminist history and how white ladies leave others out: Women of Color and Feminism: A History Lesson and Way Forward

– Fast food labor walkout: Largest Fast Food Walkout Begins in Seven Cities

– How we treat animals matters: Can We See Our Hypocrisy to Animals?


That was a lot of information. So KITTENS!


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