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November 2013



What I’m Reading – November 2, 2013

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It’s blustery here – leaves were literally flying into my face on my morning run. Here’s hoping the power stays on for all (or at least is restored quickly). On to the news of the week …

– Even if you read nothing else from this post, read this: The immorality of college admissions (h/t @ajam)

– Thoughtful look at racism is football in the UK: Football, Who’s the Victim? (h/t @scATX)

– Bird flu vaccine in the making: Bird flu vaccine developed by Chinese researchers (via @ajam)

– bell hooks points out so much that is wrong with “Lean In”: Dig Deep: Beyond Lean In (h/t @laurenarankin)

– Despite all the congratulatory ads we saw when we were in NYC a week ago, a whole lot of people still haven’t recovered from Sandy: Whose Recovery? (h/t @allisonkilkenny)

– Reminder of why it is SO IMPORTANT to recognize the limitations of studies, and check who medications were really tested on: Cervical cancer vaccine misses minority women, study finds (h/t @stavvers)

– Good reminder in light of the latest 5th Circuit ruling: Why Admitting Privileges Laws Have No Medical Benefit (via @angryblacklady)

– Holy shit, UK. What the hell? UK legal aid proposal: bonuses for lawyers whose clients plead guilty (h/t @studentactivism)

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