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October 2015



What I’m Reading – October 18, 2015

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– “Yesterday, the Memory you sent me was of the new kitchen in the house I was preparing for a heart-breaking sale. Today’s Memory was of my beloved little cat, Toddy, sitting in his litter tray as his kidneys began to fail. He died two days later. I know, Facebook, that it will only be a matter of time before you hit me with an image of my dear father, who passed away last year. Perhaps you will show me the photo I posted in tribute the night of his stroke. It is a happy picture of the two of us, laughing on a family holiday. But of course, your algorithms will pick up the smiles and the Likes and shove it in my face without a second thought.” This heartbreaking post explains why Facebook Memories needs to change (h/t @stavvers)

Gun Control

– “It has been absolutely fascinating that some folks seemingly feel threatened or angered at the thought of people carrying dildos around with them. They’re incredibly offended! So much outrage! They’re calling for my head. People want me dead for a dildo. It’s the type of reaction that we could only hope to see from them when they hear of a child being gunned down in a classroom. It’s a little scary and absurd, but it still sounds like progress to me.” ‘People want me dead for a dildo:’ UT alumna behind ‘Cocks not Glocks’ protest (h/t @andreagrimes)

Rape Culture

– “In doing all of this, George Lawlor has achieved one thing, and one thing only: he’s made himself look like a rapist. His short article and selfie have worked wonders in demonstrating a lot of the little hints I look out for, after years of the unfortunate experience of having encountered rapists. Men who display these behaviours, I now avoid. Here are the ways that George Lawlor has made himself look like a rapist.” George Lawlor looks like a rapist (via @stavvers)

Sex Worker Rights

– “It appears that some FIL organisers will not accept challenges to the Nordic model. After some consideration, I decided not to take up MAHM’s invitation to speak. I cannot tacitly endorse any politics that deny marginalised women labour rights. Labour rights are human rights. I’m happy to support MAHM in any other capacity, and I urge the organisers of FIL to listen to current sex workers on the topic of their own labour rights.” To Feminism in London re exclusion of Global Women Strike and Women of Colour GWS (h/t @melissagira)

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