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October 2015



Whatever … Love is Love by Maria Bello

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Three Stars

This is very sweet, very raw, book. I’m not sure what I expected from it, but I’m happy that I bought it.

You probably know Maria Bello because she is an actress. But this book isn’t the typical memoir that I’ve been reading as of late. Instead of the story of her life, Ms. Bello shares with us her search for meaning within her life. The point of the book is to explore the labels we put on ourselves and others, and question what those labels mean.

She jumps right in, with a section called ‘Am I a Partner?’, where she examines what it really does mean to be a partner – is it your spouse? Do you have to be having sex with someone to consider them a partner? Are we limited to just one? Other sections explore religion, feminism, and resiliency.

The book offers some interesting ideas. I can’t relate to everything she says – her Catholicism and strong belief in that idea of the divine factors into many of the discussions – but I found a lot of value in her writing. It got me thinking about how I view myself and others, and where I can find strength.

Ms. Bello is so vulnerable and open, but I never felt like she was sharing too much. I wouldn’t go so far as to say this is a must-read, but I’m certainly glad I read it.

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