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October 2014



What I’m Reading – October 26, 2014

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– “This reaction, mostly from male gamers, is to protect the status quo,” she said. The same is true more broadly, and always has been when it comes to women’s progress: the more ground we gain, the worse men react.” Gamergate is loud, dangerous and a last grasp at cultural dominance by angry white men (via @JessicaValenti)

– “There’s this herd of people, mainly angsty teenage caucasian men (based on an informal survey of 99 percent of the people who feel the need to defend this nonsense to me on Twitter), who feel that somehow, their identity as “gamers” is being taken away. ” Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off (h/t @Karnythia)

– “Here is a thing you need to internalise: just because you can get away with something doesn’t mean you should do it. ‘Whatever I can get away with’ is an inherently antisocial standard of behaviour.” Attention, men: don’t be a creepy dude who pesters women in coffee shops and on the subway (via @TheLindyWest)

– “A friend reminded me of all of the other recent shootings/stabbings/ violence like this. ‘Jesus f*cking Christ,’ she says. ‘Was it always like this and we’re only hearing about it more now?'” Entitled to Women: When Saying No Leads to Violence (h/t @Legal_Voice)

Police Violence

– “Everyone in St. Louis is afraid. The discrepancy in what they fear is tearing the region apart. Ferguson protesters—and much of black St. Louis—fear the police. ” “I am Darren Wilson”: St. Louis and the geography of fear (via @SarahKendzior)

– “The use by law enforcement of rubber bullets, tear gas and heavy military equipment and restrictions placed on peaceful protesters all violated international standards, the group said.” Police in Ferguson committed human rights abuses: Amnesty report (h/t @JasonLeopold)


– “These incidents, which all took place at schools, illustrate a very poor understanding of African geography” 5 Schools Freaking Out About Ebola Because They Don’t Realize Africa Is A Really Big Continent (via @ThinkProgress)

– “Its development stalled in part because Ebola is rare, and until now, outbreaks had infected only a few hundred people at a time. But experts also acknowledge that the absence of follow-up on such a promising candidate reflects a broader failure to produce medicines and vaccines for diseases that afflict poor countries.” Ebola Vaccine, Ready for Test, Sat on the Shelf (h/t @leftiblog)

– “In her statement declaring the state of emergency and the cremation order, Sirleaf acknowledged the edict runs contrary to national tradition. “Ebola has attacked our way of life,” she said.” Cremation fears leave empty Ebola beds in Liberia (via @AP)

– “While a few of those interviewed said an overabundance of caution was welcome, the vast majority said that restrictions like those adopted by New York and New Jersey could cripple volunteers’ efforts at the front lines of the epidemic.” New Ebola Quarantine Protocol Seen as Barrier to Volunteers (h/t @charlesornstein)

– “Hickox also says that she eventually showed a fever on a forehead scanner because she was “flushed and upset” at the airport. After she arrived at the hospital, she says, a check with an oral thermometer found her temperature to be normal.” Health Care Worker Tests Negative For Ebola In NJ, Stays In Quarantine (via @nprnews)

– “So two power-hungry, corrupt, thuggish governors, New Jersey’s Chris Christie and New York’s Andrew Cuomo, have decided to enact their own public health Ebola policy. What could possibly go wrong?” So This Is How We’re Going to Respond to the Killer Death Virus? (h/t @shakestweetz)

Drug War

– “The report includes extensive analysis of marijuana arrest and income data, showing  that overall, low income and middle class communities of color face dramatically higher rates of marijuana possession arrests than do white communities of every class bracket.” Race, Class and Marijuana Arrests in Mayor de Blasio’s Two New Yorks: the NYPD’s Marijuana Arrest Crusade Continues in 2014 (h/t @mollyknefel)


– “According to the report, more than one in five of the university’s athletes from 1999 to 2011—and upwards of 3,000 students in all—were enrolled in the paper classes.” 3 Key Findings in Chapel Hill’s Academic-Fraud Investigation (h/t @scATX)

Prison Abuse

– “The family members claim the county and the jail’s health care service provider refused to transfer the inmates to a hospital until it was too late to save their lives, just to save money.” Lawsuits: Alabama Jailers Allowed 3 Inmates to Die of 19th-Century Ailments (h/t @DrJaneChi)

Sex Work

– “People love to talk about sex work as ‘selling your body’, but I am yet to meet a sex worker who, upon completing a job, is suddenly rendered incorporeal. Sex workers do not sell their bodies – they sell a service. ” I Don’t Care If You Call Me A Whore (via @jaythenerdkid)

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