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September 2013



What I’m Reading – September 11, 2013

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We’re re-watching WALL-E. It’s that kind of day.

– Yup. Confirmed: Men Take Up Too Much Space on Planes (h/t @scaTX)

– Well, this would explain a lot. Attorney for Trayvon Martin medical examiner preparing $100M lawsuit (h/t @carolynedgar)

– That’d be awesome. It’s Time for a Black Feminist to Head the NAACP (via @AngryBlackLady)

– Yeah. “Fitspiration” is questionable, at best. The Six Most Shockingly Irresponsible “Fitspiration” Photos (h/t @TheRotund)

– Lindy West is the awesome. Why the Hell Are On-Screen Interracial Relationships Still a Big Deal? (via @TheLindyWest)

– Interesting. Undercover cops will wear 49ers jerseys in Seattle on Sunday night

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