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September 2013



What I’m Reading – September 18 2013

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First off – happy birthday to my father in law, who I’m 99.9% sure will not be reading this 🙂

– Group Health makes a change; rights a wrong: Group Health about-face: Customers will have access to abortions (via @Q13Fox)

– This is fabulous: The Inside Story Of The Feminists Who Fooled Us Into Thinking Playboy Cared About Consent (via @ThinkProgress)

– Want to read an article that unironically shows the problem with Americans who choose ignorance over reality? Apparently Penny Arcade buys into the idea that racists are just a small segment of the U.S. They continue to be unimpressive: Miss America, bigot shaming, and the media’s vile attraction to the worst in America (h/t @PublicShaming)

– I like to support the independent, local shops for my hot chocolate fix. However, this definitely makes me feel better about choosing Starbucks: An Open Letter from Howard Schultz, ceo of Starbucks Coffee Company (h/t @King5Seattle)

– Fascinating: The 300-year-old fertility statistics still in use today (via @BBCNews)

– I am now a signatory! Welcome to our our newest signatories!

– Intriguing – NCAA claims that colleges can’t use sex to recruit players. And yet … there seems to be nothing in the rules that state that: Where *Exactly* Does It Say That? The NCAA’s Prohibition of Sex In Recruiting (via @scATX)

– Domestic violence: A ‘Grim Tally’: Abusers, Guns, and the Women They Kill (h/t @JessicaValenti)

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