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September 2013



What I’m Reading – September 19 2013

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Tomorrow is day one of a two-day drill. Saturday night will be spent on the couch, watching shitty movies, then sleeping. A lot.

– Fascinating read: How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers

– A little more detail on why Blurred Lines is such a creepy song: What Rapists Say Echoes the Lyrics of “Blurred Lines” (via @MsMagazine)

– Whoa: French Senate Says “Non” To Mini-Miss Pageants (via @AP)

– Whoa. Cards Against Humanity did a little subversive move at PAX: Penny Arcade

– “And here’s a handy rule of thumb: if your team name exists only because there was a genocide, then you might need a new team name.” Rick Reilly and the Most Irredeemably Stupid Defense of the Redskins Name You Will Ever Read (via @EdgeOfSports)

– KITTEH! This Russian Library Just Hired a Stray Cat as Its Assistant Librarian (h/t @DrJaneChi)

– Fat people get shit treatment just by existing. Just Because I’m Fitnessing While Fat Doesn’t Mean You Can Try To Sell Me Weight Loss Crap (via @theRotund)

– Who does this? How is this … the hell? Parents Complain After Child Forced to Reenact Slavery on a Field Trip

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