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September 2013



What I’m Reading – September 3 2013

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Fall is nearby, and I am excited about it. I like the crisper weather, and I still get that feeling like I’ve got a fresh start on the year. But the ass hattery just keeps truckin’ on:

– Add this to the list of things women can’t do because … vagina? But not all women have vaginas, so I don’t even know. Male conductors are better for orchestras, says Vasily Petrenko (h/t @MissRepresentation)

– Damnit I love philosophy: No, you’re not entitled to your opinion (h/t @JillFilipovic)

– NOPE. Texas Guard refuses to process same-sex benefits (h/t @DrJaneChi)

– Oh goodie. Let’s shame people on food stamps. Publicly. Shall we just get the stocks out of storage now? ‘Artemis of the wildland’ fliers target Portland neighbors on food stamps (h/t @JillFilipovic)

– Apparently we can’t even rely on network news to take the position that killing your autistic kid is wrong: CBS News Should Retract Report Excusing Mother’s Murder of Autistic Child (h/t @AngryBlackLady)

– And finally (h/t the Mister): this is everything – especially Lt. Uhura’s reaction shots:

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