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September 2006



I’m in Ireland!

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I found an internet cafe in a chinese restaurant on O’Connell street in Dublin! My flight out was great – they put me in the exit row, so I had yards of leg room. And they had little individual TVs at each seat. We stopped in Shannon, and were delayed about three hours because our connecting flight in Boston was late. But they gave us free breakfast, so I can’t complain. I got into Dublin airport around 11 AM, and grabbed the shuttle to the hotel. It’s a nice, clean place.  

The first dinner with the tour group was loads of fun. I overslept and was a bit late, but that’s no big deal. I sat with the bus driver Kitch and the guide Anna, as well as some others who just joined the tour. For the most part they seem quite nice and fun. A good mix – Canada, the states and Australia.

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