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December 2007



Merry Christmas!

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I had an absolutely lovely Christmas. I went home to visit the family on Thursday evening. I was greeted at San Jose airport, which is undergoing construction. I’d packed my coat before checking my luggage. In addition to the obvious ‘what if they lose your luggage’ question, there was an unanticipated hiccup: San Jose’s airport is under construction, so they don’t really have gates in the traditional sense. Instead, they just park on the tarmac and you walk down past a few other parked planes and through this big tunnel to get to the terminal. It would have been cool, were it not, y’know, cold.  

Pup pup was under the weather – she scratched her cornea – so she had to wear what they call an Elizabethan Collar. She’s already blind in one eye and kind of deaf, so this added another level of confusion to her challenged navigational skills. Meaning she kept banging into the wall. Which is sad and funny, but also a bit obnoxious when it’s 1 AM (4 AM according to my body) and one just wants to go to sleep. Even better – she’s got some issues with doing her business in the house, and the collar made it worse. She’d do her business, and then walk through it. Good times.

Saturday Stephanie and I went into San Francisco to look at Union Square and have a drink. She then met up with a friend in North Beach and I went to Balboa Park to meet up with Laura and Sean, who are expecting a kid in a mere two weeks but still managed to whip up an awesome meal for a small holiday dinner party. She’s the first of my friends to have a kid. They’ll be good parents – very mellow, deal-with-it-as-it-comes kind of people.  

Sunday we hit the 49ers game, and we actually won! Well, I mean, the team won, but it was also a victory for the fans, who stuck around in a painfully bad season.

Monday night was our traditional Christmas Eve with the Decker family. We’ve been doing it since the early 90s, and we alternate homes. It’s a fun evening, and a good time to get caught up with people who I’ve known for years. It was almost a less than fun evening, as we started to smell gas in the afternoon, and had to have the utility come out and check on it. My professional training came in super handy. “Don’t touch anything.” They didn’t listen, but at least I knew what to do! Anyway, we were lucky the guy knew what he was doing, because the other option was they would have to shut off our heater until a repair person could come out. Which would have been a bit cold.

Christmas day was just great – the parents and sister were VERY generous, and clearly know me well.  The evening was a bit bizarre – watching the 5 PM news, and then a cut-in on Breaking News of a tiger loose at the zoo. Odd.


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