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January 2008




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I have some vegan leanings and am always on the hunt for some good options. A lot of these are higher fat than their non-vegan counterparts, but I like to think that the karma of eating a meal that didn’t come from an animal makes up for it 🙂

For example:

Egg replacer – Good (in baked goods)

Tofutti Sour Cream – Good

Vegan butter – Good

Veggie dogs – Super good

All vegan cheese i’ve ever eaten outside of specialty restaurants – nasty

I’m excited to have recently discovered vegan donut holes. Yes, baked goods are probably not the healthiest thing to start buying in bulk, but they taste EXACTLY like the donut holes I used to mainline a few years ago.

It’s interesting how easy it can be to eat in a vegan way, but it can get a little boring out in the world. It basically means “salad” at every restaurant unless it’s a vegetarian / vegan specialty shop or an asian-influenced eatery. Plus, I really HATE some vegan staples (I think sprouts are the devil’s salad). But as I’ve stepped up and re-joined a gym – for a little over half of what I was paying at my former gym – so I feel like I should probably adjust my eating habits accordingly. It’s amazing how much yummier pizza sounds when it’s 25 degrees outside.

Special for my former roommate Reagan – good luck! Keep up the good work – I can’t wait to hear how things go this week.

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