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June 2009



Panic at the Disco

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I’m back in NYC now, and searching for a word to describe what is going on in my head. I think this is how a five year old feels on Christmas morning, after the gifts have been opened and played with and all the sweets have been eaten: excited, exhausted, restless, sad that it’s over, and utterly convinced that she’ll feel this way until Christmas next year. I have not slept much the past week, I’ve absorbed a ton of information, had loads of adventures, and am having a crazy hard time focusing.

My move to London seems so far away, and at times an utterly ridiculous thing to do. I’ve alway wanted to live overseas, at least to try it out for awhile, but is it silly to add another city and friends to my confusion, when I keep feeling the pull back home to Seattle? Of course, I can’t seem to find a good way back there, so it’s not like I’d just get to pick up and move there this summer anyway.
I need the sun to set so that I can go to sleep. A few hours sleep and possibly some food will make things seem much more manageable in the morning.

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