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October 2014



Social Media

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So, short post, but I had to share that after my post last night about Navient, I got a tweet from their social media people. Note that I didn’t tag them or @ them in the post; their company name just happened to be in my post, and they must have done a search. At 7 a.m. I got the following tweet:

“Hi Ashley! We’re going to look into this for you. A social media specialist will be reaching out to you today. Thanks! Liz”

Now, my post talked about how they were somehow even worse than Sallie Mae. But now I realize they actually are still Sallie Mae. Just re-branded. And just like how when Blackwater changed its name to Xe Services it didn’t suddenly stop being a firm full of mercenaries for hire, Sallie Mae hasn’t stopped taking advantage of customers just because it changed its name.

No one from Navient contacted me today – either in response to my email from yesterday or as part of their social media strategy. I don’t really expect to hear much from them at all, actually, beyond eventually some letter telling me my loans are paid off. And when we get that letter in the mail, or on email, I think I’m going to frame it.

And then I am going to do a very happy dance as confirm that I never have to deal with that company again.

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