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October 2015



What’s Up?

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I need to get back to writing. For the most part this blog has consisted of Cannonball Read reviews, weekly lists of articles guaranteed to depress the heck out of folks, and the occasional rant about losing my hard drive (update to that: I paid a bazillion dollars and everything was recovered!). But I love to write, and I love policy and social justice, so instead of ranting into the wind, or in 140-character bites on Twitter, I think it’s time to get back to the blog.

Before I take an in-depth look at something horrible (the Republican primary contenders? police violence? racism? people who insist on incorrectly pronouncing ‘.gif’? SO MANY OPTIONS) I thought I’d share what’s been distracting me lately.

This fall has been challenging; there was a two week stretch there that was downright brutal. We put in an offer on a house (and lost), I went through three rounds of interviews only to come in second to a job I’ve wanted since college, and it all culminated in the Aurora bridge bus collision.


But things are looking up. I’ve got a plan to start looking for other work, and to also kick up my writing. I’m in my second round of edits to my book, and hope to start pitching it soon. And there is promising news on the house hunt front.

So, long way of saying: watch this space for more than book reviews and weekly wrap-ups.


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