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June 2008



I Heart NYC

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Since Stephanie is in town, we’ve been enjoying the sites. Yesterday after the traditional stop at Serendipity (oh, frrrozen hot chocolate, how I’ve missed you), we went to the Bronx Zoo. If any of you haven’t been, please go. It’s really fantastic. It feels like a huge park, which isn’t what I expected. But the key is to pay to see the gorillas. It was amazing to see them, and see how they interact with each other and with the visitors.

After a yummy dinner in my neighborhood (of course now that I’m moving I’m discovering all of these restaurant’s I’ve overlooked for the past two years) we headed out to Water Taxi Beach for Turntables on the Hudson. We met up with Jon Mark and Michelle, and relaxed on a picnic table overlooking Manhattan. It’s a great set-up – there is a dance floor under a tent, but then there are loads of tables set up where the music isn’t totally blaring. And the view is ridiculous.

Off for more adventures in the City.

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